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Darren Criss on the cover of BILLBOARD Magazine

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Lauren Stamile books recurring role in upcoming season of BURN NOTICE

Lauren Stamile has landed the role of Kim Pearce, a CIA agent in investigating the murder of another agent, in the fifth season of USA’s BURN NOTICE. Her character, Kim, is set to recur throughout the season and will be working alongside Michael (Jeffrey Donovan). The series is expected to air June 23.

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Brooke Lyons lands role in the CBS pilot TWO BROKE GIRLS

Brooke Lyons has booked a supporting role opposite Kat Dennings (NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST/THOR) in the CBS pilot TWO BROKE GIRLS, a half hour comedy about a couple of broke Brooklyn girls who strike up a friendship waiting tables at a diner.

Yorgo Constantine lands role in FAST FIVE

Yorgo Constantine has been cast as one of the lead bounty hunters in Fast Five. Justin Lin will return to direct the film, while Chris Morgan will pen the story. The film stars Paul Walker, Vin Deisel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Tyrese Gibson.

Jenn Proske lands lead role on CBS’s HOME GAME

CBS pilot HOME GAME is centered on the family of a NFL lineman who has recently retired after a long career in the game. Jenn Proske is set to play the oldest daughter, Tess, a beautiful and carefree girl whom her father keeps a close eye on. The pilot stars Rob Riggle (THE HANGOVER/THE OTHER GUYS), Kevin Marino (ROLE MODELS), and Constance Zimmer (ENTOURAGE).

Darren Criss on the cover of OUT Magazine

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Eyal Podell guest star’s on THE EVENT

Eyal Podell booked the guest star role of Dr. Taylor on NBC’s new show THE EVENT.