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Eyal Podell guest star’s on THE EVENT

Eyal Podell booked the guest star role of Dr. Taylor on NBC’s new show THE EVENT.


Eyal Podell to play Dr. Evram Mintz, series regular on ABC’s new drama “Defying Gravity,” Series premiere is this Sunday August 2nd

Eyal Podelldefying gravity

Eyal Podell has a lead role on ABC’s new series  “Defying Gravity.” Eyal will be playing psychiatrist and medical officer Dr. Evram Mintz riding alongside seven other astronauts on an eight billion mile space trip to Venus. Series creator, James Parriott, claims this sensual drama to be “Grey’s Anatomy in space,” according to Past and present actions of the eight astronauts affect their future destinies as they explore our solar system and its planets. Dreams, desires, and illusions spark intimate relationships among the crew while a mysterious force aboard the ship disrupts life amid space with a life-threatening crisis.

Series premieres Sunday August 2nd at 9/8c on ABC.

Eyal Podell to recur on CW’s The Game

Eyal Podell lands recurring role as a love interest to Kelly (played by Brittany Daniel) on CW’s The Game.

Eyal Podell lands recurring role on Fox’s 24

Eyal Podell  lands a recurring role as government operative, Jason Burnett on Fox’s 24.


Scenes from 24: