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Alex Feldman to Guest Star on Without A Trace

Alex Feldman will guest star on Without a Trace.
In the episode, “True,” The boyfriend of Jack’s (Anthony LaPaglia) daughter comes to NY to be with her. The boyfriend, Shay Hanson, becomes involved with Johnny (Alex Feldman), who is known for stealing cars. Shay disappears and the team must call in Johnny to see if he is guilty of kidnapping on top of theft.


Alex Feldman lands role in the David Lynch produced Repo Chick

Alex has a landed a role in the Repo Chick, produced by David Lynch.  Repo Chick is  the sequel to 1984 cult classsic, Repo ManRepo Chick is about a Los Angeles heiress who has publicly embarassed her family.  As a result, she is disinherited and forced to get a job as a repo chick in an attempt to regain her fortune.

Alex Feldman Guest Stars on CBS’s Cold Case Season 5 Finale


Alex Feldman Guest Stars on CBS’s Cold Case as Ellis Ward. Episode 18 “Ghost of My Child.” Season 5 Finale.

Check out scene here:

Aired: May 4, 2008